Saturday, July 7, 2018

"Body Positive"

"Body Positive"

by John S L.E.S.

Here's my simple interrogative.
Do you see a body negative?
Or do you see a body positive?

Do you embrace yourself, and all that is yours?
Or do you look at it in condemnation,
As if it was an emotional chore?

Do you hide behind others, when photos are taken?
Do you turn your head just before the flash,
So that your identity could be mistaken?

Do you wear wide sunglasses,
Or otherwise try to pull a fake?
Do you really think God made you as you are
Was really a mistake?

Everyone has beauty bone deep and some just on skin
If you learn to hate yourself, you'll never reveal the real you
Or the beauty deep within.

So go look in that mirror and see more than just yourself.
Smile at that image and invest in your emotional health.

For you are one of a kind, your uniqueness makes this true.
Not even your twin or triplet has the inner beauty that will
Always define you.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

"All That Glitters" by John S LES

Photo by John S LES

"All That Glitters"

by John S LES

Not all that glitters is gold.
Not all that has age is old.
Not all that is bright is wise.
Not all that blinds you affects your eyes.

Remember that you shall reap what you sow.
Good plans by evil means never grow.

Not all that is sudden is a surprise.
Not all who enforce laws are above lies.
Not all that is dark is black.
The time you waste you can never get back.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

"The Baron In The Tower" by John S LES

Photo by John S LES

"The Baron In The Tower"

By John S LES

Who's the baron sitting atop the golden tower?
He became a king wielding all kinds of power.
Stopping intellectual progress in just one single hour.
Sweet grapes of wrath, now suddenly gone sour.
So much greed and dirty deeds, makes you wanna shower.
We have local leaders, but to money they all cower.
We the People must take back our power.
Plant positive seeds with positive deeds
And grow them into flowers.
Stop the blaming and hate gaming -
Or our souls it will devour.
To give our children a future - we must empower!
Time to get busy doing,
Before we're in ruins -
Switching representatives is our choice.
Let Lady Liberty hear our voice
Time to stand up in this 11th hour!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

'And What Shall We Tell Them?" by John S LES

"And What Shall We Tell Them?"

by John S LES

And what shall we tell our children?
Will we say that we were too afraid to speak?

Shall we tell them that we were too selfish with our own comfort -
That our compassion for others had grown old and weak?

Shall we tell them that we repeated the horrible mistakes of past history?
We were too busy seeking our own pleasure, to ever care about helping
Others who were living in misery?

Or shall we tell them to be brave and bold -
To step into the light!
Shall we teach them that injustice to any one fellow human being -
Cannot be overlooked, nor can ever be right.

Shall we show them by example that the price to pay for uplifting others,
Is far cheaper than building a wall alienating our sisters and brothers.

Let us show them that love and connections with others,
Takes greater courage than that which we exhibit in sports or war.

That the preservation of mankind and humanity -
Is what we all should be fighting and striving for.

It all starts with a willpower that is fueled by love, and is more powerful than hate.
Let us enjoin this battle now, so that we don't condemn our children's fate.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

"To My Dear Brother" by John S LES

Pee Wee Reese hugging Jackie Robinson in 1947:
Photo by John S LES

"To My Dear Brother"
by John S LES

To my dear brother who's recently back from war.
There's a battle here at home that I'm now fighting for.

Some are going to question my patriotism.
Some want to silence me and throw me in the darkest prison.
Sometimes fighting for truth one must face some derision.
I'm fighting for others, I don't regret my decision.

I just wanted to remind you that this is a thirteen generation nation.
That has just six generations of Emancipation.
And just four generations of women's voting participation.
But, only two generations of full Civil Rights legislation.

Some say that Colin Kaepernick's has committed some sort of crime?
Well, who's pursuing the criminals for all of America's unjust times?

Some have asked me to march, stand, to kneel or sit.
Whatever I choose - that's not the root of the argument.

How about Black Americans who died fighting against the Redcoats?
Just remember many of them died fighting without even the right to vote.

Let's not forget Black men who fought in World War I, II, Korea and Vietnam.
Those soldiers lived to witness four, little Black girls be murdered -
When their Birmingham church got bombed!

My dear brother, I know that you represented our family in Afghanistan.
But, that's not our only battleground for freedom and justice in our lifespan.

We also have to take sides with those who feel that they are all alone.
Make sure that they have equal justice right here at home.

Some will digress about Black on Black and White on White crime.
Truth is, all criminals victimize their own people first, all of the time.

Some say it's a Blue on Black, or a Black on Blue issue.
These are just distractions that allow the larger problems to continue.

See how we easy we let our conversation go sideways?
We argue in uninformed absolutes - it's my way or the highway.

This pushes us backwards - back to where we all started.
When America was great for the elite few -
But to the rest - it was cold hearted. 

No, not everyone White is born with so called privilege.
But, if they worked hard enough -
They more easily assimilated in  the Blue Blood village.

However, for most of us, the deck has already been stacked.
Doesn't matter if you're white, yellow, brown or black.

So my brother, it's time for you to make a call.
It's time to ensure equal justice and opportunity for one and all.

Just like when you were overseas and never quit.
Fight for justice here -
It doesn't matter if you march, stand, kneel or sit.

So before you allow yourself or someone to place judgement on me.
Remember I'm also fighting for the home of the brave, and land of the free.
We're two different soldiers, one for foreign freedom, one for domestic equality.
My dear brother, I supported you - now will you show support for me?

**September 15th, 2016 represents the 53rd anniversary of the horrible bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama.  Some of the parents, siblings, relatives and survivors of that bombing are still alive today.  Do view the video links for further enrichment.**
Hand in hand.  Photo by John S LES

Sunday, August 7, 2016

"Single Ray of Light" by John S LES

"Single Ray  of Light"

By John S LES

She is a ray of yellow sunshine
She is the center of the earth.

She is the bright star of the nighttime.
There's no way to measure all of what she's worth.

She has no children and no dependents.
She lost her lone lover at a young age.

She simply share her love with those in close attendance.
In the play of her mind, she's the star...
And the whole world is just her stage.

When she shares her heart it's not just some a token.
She wears an armor that made of love and steel.

This is what happens when your heart is forever broken.
And your trust to fall in love again is shattered against your will.

Sometimes the pain inside hurts us so bad.
It's better to smile than to cry.

Even when you are surrounded by people inside
you feel like a nomad.
If you can't find something to love, another part of you will die.

But this is not some sad story.
We all choose different paths to find our way.

She focuses her life to live in God's glory.
And uses that as a positive to brighten up someone else's day.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

"Downpour" by John S LES

Photo by John S LES

by John S LES

Evil follows us, sometimes overwhelms us
Like a downpour, or a heavy heart's pain.
But, we must keep our heads up,
Put our best foot forward,
Cause the Sun will surely follow the rain.

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